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House Sitting Services

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing! Who's taking care of that extensive post-pandemic plant collection? 

As a REALTOR® and licensed broker, I am entrusted with people's homes every day.

I am happy to bring you peace of mind while you are away.

In addition to property management and real estate services, I offer drop-in house sitting.

Whether you are spending long hours away or months away, I can create a plan for you.

Drop-in Service

I offer flexible drop-in services. This can be a one-time visit or ongoing scheduled visits. You might need a plan for a vacation or an extended seasonal leave. My services are an excellent choice for those not requiring much in-home care or overnight stays. Whether your away for 1 week or 6 months, I offer a plan that caters to your needs.

Houseplants & Garden

I am an admitted houseplant addict who enjoys nothing more than getting to pamper even more plants. I can come to your home and tend to your green companions. From vegetable gardens to beloved rare houseplants, I have the experience to ensure all will be well cared for while you are away. No need to worry about over or under watering!

Pet Care and Wellness Checks

As a life long animal rescuer and advocate, you can rest assured that your animals will be looked after with love. I have extensive experience with horses in addition to just about every pet you can think of. Perhaps you have an aquarium or pond that needs periodic feeding or monitoring? Maybe your outdoor bird feeders need refilling? You might have caged pets or cats that only require drop-in visits while you are away. From the barnyard and beyond, my drop-in visits for welfare checks, feeding, playtime, or potty breaks offer you peace of mind. All creatures great and small. Yes, snakes and rodents are family too! I am happy to video conference while visiting! 

Urgent Matters

Sometimes life happens and you may unexpectedly be called to leave town or work overtime. Having to worry about your home should not be a source of added stress. Rest assured, you can count on me. I am your point of contact in town, just in case. I am available to act on your behalf as a property manager in case of any unforeseen urgent matters. Call me ASAP!


Here is a small sampling of tasks I can help you with...

  • Mail and package collection
  • Taking out/bringing in trash and recycling bins.
  • Watering maintenance of indoor/outdoor plants.
  • Property checks, an extra set of eyes. 
  • Create a presence while you are away.
  • Moving vehicles around for appearances or street cleaning.
  • Special needs pets and medications.
  • Extra feeding and welfare checks.
  • Refill outdoor bird feeders.
  • Checking water levels on ponds and aquariums.
  • Doggie potty breaks.
  • Turning on/off lights.

How it ​Works



Before I can take care of your home, plants, or animals I need to get to know you. This part is completely free. Whether you just want your mail brought in or have a jungle and pets to look after, I got you! Let's chat.



During the consultation, we will spend time talking via phone. We will use this time to get acclimated with your home, and what services you’re specifically looking for! We will also cover details, logistics, and pricing.



This is where I come in and take care of your home, plants, and pets. I'll be there to meticulously take care of them while you are away so you won’t have a single worry. 

Ready to get started? 

Ready to book a consultation or have more questions about rates and availability? Contact me by using this form or email, call, text. Let's create a custom plan for your specific needs. 

 Email:   Call/text: 818-640-6450



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